Mirage de pierres surgit des marais, cité de tous les fantasmes et de tous les trésors, ville aux 160 canaux et aux 447 ponts, Venise est un bateau figé au bout de l’Adriatique depuis 1500 ans.
Venice is the city of all dreams and treasures, with its 447 bridges and 160 waterways, it is built like a ship on the Adriatic since 1500 years, with its churches steeples looking like wood . Since its foundation in the 5th Century Venise has been fascinating writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, historians and travellers. Who would have thought that, fleeing the invaders by digging into the lagoons and the most hostile swamp , future Venetians would build on the water and on millions of piles one of the most radiant cities in the world . People of farmers, fishers, hunters and adventurers, Venetians found in the lagoon a place suitable to their survival. But now looks like the home of Marco Polo and Hugo Pratt ?
Directed by Claire DAVID TARTANE
2016 / 50' HD