2008 lino affiche"J'ai 2 ans et je ne parle pas. Mais je sais dire papa. Je sais plein d'autres choses aussi. La seule chose que je ne sais pas, c'est pourquoi mon papa boxe tout seul dans la salle de bains. Pourquoi il joue avec un revolver. Et surtout pourquoi il ne veut plus que je l'appelle papa. Ah, au fait, je m'appelle Lino. Oui, comme Lino Ventura".

After the death of the young woman he has been lodging for more than one year, a fifty year old man finds himself alone with a two years old little boy,Lino. Seen from the outside, the relationship between this man and this child is a real father-and-son relationship. Indeed, Lino has only known one "father", and he calls this man "daddy". In return, the man acts with the boy as a father would do. And seems to love him as much. However the man has only one obsession : give Lino back to his real family.