Afficher l'image d'origineMorgane Et Ses Nymphes est un film fantastique teinté d'érotisme ne se reposant absolument pas sur des effets spéciaux mais plutôt sur les décors et les dialogues bien ficelés qui réussissent à crédibiliser l'histoire….. l’ambiance qui règne tout au long du film et le charisme du personnage de Morgane rajoutent au charme de cette oeuvre à l'atmosphère envoûtante.

A classic of erotic horror   « lesbos, land of hot and languorous nights »…..Two hot chicks happen upon the creepy castle of French witch Morgane le Fay and must choose either to become immortal sex slaves or rot in a dungeon. Françoise and Anna, a couple on holiday, stop at a local tavern only to be weirded out by a dwarf. Upon leaving, they get lost as women are known to do and their car breaks down so they choose to spend the night in a barn. They makes out heavily before falling asleep, the next day Françoise awakes to find Anna missing. The dwarf is there and tells her that he knows where her friend is, leads her to the castle of one Morgana LaFey, an immortal witch who grants immortality to other young women in exchange for their souls. But it isn't long before jealously takes hold of the other girls. On its release, this classic  was heavily censored.              This is now the uncut version.


Known As:  Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (UK)             1972-79' HD


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