The Golden Temple is situated on a hill with sycamores and pine trees. This Taoist temple is the copy of the principal pavilion of a former sanctuary founded in 1602 under the reign of the Mings. It was transported in 1637 on the Jizu Shan, the holy mountain nearby Dali, before being rebuild on its original location.

The Bamboo temple is inhabited by a small community of Buddhist bronzes. The temple is famous for its 500 clay statues each representing a different character. This statues represent believers who came to pray in the temple the most extraordinary characters serving as models.


The Old Town of Dali is very renowned in China as well as abroad for its very long history, its rich cultural heritage as well as its sublime landscapes. Roads and streets were conserved in the Ming and Qing architectural style. The city is tiled by pedestrian streets lined with numerous jewelry, textile, tea, crafts shops…


The Shilin stone forest is a promenade known for being one of the most atypical. Passer-bys wander around the rocks named in quite an evocative way : “Birds feeding their babies”, “Old man on a walk”… The stones are surrounded by fruit trees and small rice field.

Guangzhou is the third most populated city in the country behind Shanghai and Beijing and the first in South China.

Commercial metropolis, historical and cultural city, Guangzhou has a distinctive skyline with the Guangzhou Tower, highest Chinese telecommunications tower.

Guangzhou is the cradle of Chinese gastronomy abroad, the one diaspora spread on until the small district restaurants across the street.

Qingping market is not a place where tourists can do business but it is interesting to see what is exchanged. Everything can be found but essentially products destined to traditional Chinese medicine like dried seahorse, star fish, snake skin but also crocodile tails, toads, duck head and feet…

Around Hua Lin (where one can admire an unusual Marco Polo divined like a Buddha statue), the jade market line up with a series of boutiques selling that Chinese beloved gemstone.



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