La danse des kachinas ( Dance of Kachinas)

Dans la mythologie des Indiens Hopi et Zuni, les poupées Kachinas incarnent les esprits ; ce monde invisible prend la

forme de danseurs masqués et costumés.

A kachina is a spirit being in the religious beliefs of the Pueblo peoples, Native American cultures located in the

south-western part of the United States. In the Pueblo cultures, kachina rites are practiced by the Hopi, Zuni,

Hopi-Tewa, and certain Keresan tribes, as well as in most Pueblo tribes in New Mexico. The kachina concept has three

different aspects: the supernatural being, the kachina dancers, and kachina dolls, small dolls carved in the likeness

of the kachina, that are given only to those who are, or will be responsible for the respectful care and well-being of the doll,

such as a mother, wife, or sister.

Directed by : Gerald DUDUYER

2015-52' HD

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