gardezsourire02Seul au monde, chômeur, las de lutter, Jean décide de se noyer. Il rencontre au bord du fleuve une désespérée comme lui, Marie, et trouve les paroles qui réconfortent. Pour gagner leur vie, ils exercent mille et un métiers, se marient et vivent enfin heureux avec le taxi que Jean a pu s’acheter.

Alone in the world , unemployed and tired of fighting it all, Jean decides to throw himself into the river and drown. When he gets to the river bank , he meets Marie, a person who is desperate too, yet he finds the right words, the soothing words. They get together and to earn money, they carry on a thousand and one jobs .They get married and finally live happy with Jean’taxi, the one he managed to buy.

Directed by PAUL FEJOS